More random thoughts on the wife…..

So the first picture I posted of my wife in another blog entry is a few years old. Go check it out if you have a mind to. I mentioned her legs. I have a thing about legs. Especially legs in pantyhose or stockings. It’s my thing. DJ is is a mom, grand mother and hot in my opinion. So I’m biased. Sue me.

We won a pair of Act Sensuous Pantyhose for her when I commented on a caption this entry over at Robin Maryland’s Act Sensuous Blog: If you are into legs in hosiery like me you should check it out. Lots of good pics and good commentary by the owner Robin and her fans. So anyway I took some photos of DJ in her Act Sensuous ActIV Suntan pantyhose. You be the judge.


My wife

I kind of dig her. Plus she puts up with me. I am a leg man first and foremost. Well a leg and a butt man. When I first met her she was wearing jeans. She filled them out good. The next time we went on a date she wore a dress. She has some great legs. You decide.

I know I got it good.



Dogs make great companions. I have 5 of them. I think dogs are what keep us centered. From large ones to the smallest. I have an old Pekingese who is named Snoopy but we call him Noo-Noo. He cracks me up daily watching him do his thing. He sleeps a lot these days but to see him sitting out in the sun in the yard and just relaxing makes me think man it must be great to be a dog. He is hanging out in the office with me as I work today.Noo-Noo